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Triosoft was established in 2009 and deals with the provision of advanced technological solutions to entrepreneurs, companies, and organizations. The company was founded by three partners bringing in over 15 years of experience in software development and project management. The Triosoft team numbers 15 employees and constantly growing. We have an arsenal of technological solutions that tailor-made to the nature of the project, business, its target audience, and customers demands.

The Goal

The company has made it its goal to develop systems that are user-friendly, easy to implement and trustworthy. Those are apparent in the applications developed by the company thus far. Even complex systems consisting of innovative and advanced technologies can be user-friendly with the right specification, precise work stages, and technology tailor-made to the needs of the project and the client.

The Team

Triosoft professional team consisting of developers, designers, specification experts, project managers, and service personnel, bringing proven practical experience to the table. Also, the company team specializes in fitting the technology and architecture per project.

The Approach

Every company project is provided personal professional and business accompaniment, with the view that technical knowledge alone does not suffice. An understanding of the core activity of the business and its target audience is necessary. Only after understanding the client’s needs, budget, and purpose – the team chooses the appropriate technologies and systems.

The Service

Under one roof, the company provides a variety of designated services to its clients such as software development, mobile application development, web interfaces, specification and design, technological; consultation and OEM projects in different areas.

Over the years, the company has implemented complex projects in Israel and the world, working with large, well-known organizations from different fields including entrepreneurs, start-up companies, organizations, and major commercial companies. The company has also implemented projects that demand challenging and innovative feasibility studies and POCs.

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