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The Company adheres to organized working methodologies supported by years of experience. The process enables a full understanding of the client’s needs, the system target audience, and the budget and other parameters requested by the client.

These are our work processes:


Introductory meeting

at this stage, the clients present their needs and targets, and we present ourselves and our abilities for initial suitability. This meeting takes place in a pleasant setting with the goal of learning and understanding the technological challenge involved.

Technological consultation

we propose a professional consultation meeting to consolidate the information and provide advice regarding the nature of the system, and the appropriate technology.

Assign Project Manager

to attain maximum efficiency, we allocate a project manager who will serve as the contact person between the client and the company team. This way the client does not have to deal with the different team members. The client receives a GANT chart (timetables) and will always be aware of the stage the project is at.

Specification, sketches and design

during the different stages of the project, the client receives sketches for approval. The company specification staff produces an applicable, professional, and detailed Specification. At the same time, the company developers and designers work on the project.

Development & Testing

after receiving the sketches, the development team begins developing the system/ application according to the specification and sketches determined in advance following the completion of development and tests the client transfers the project for acceptance testing – UAT for comparison and verification purposes. At this stage, we check whether the result answers the demands of the client.


once a week or every fortnight (as needed), the client receives a detailed and concentrated report regarding the project implementation.

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