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In the modern age, the best way to address a customer and make it possible for him to execute specific activities is through a designated application on his smartphone.

While in the past the focal point for exposure and activities was through the internet, in the present it has all changed thanks to the developments and possibilities available right in the customer’s hand, by a simple click on his smartphone. Applications today are considered prestigious, assisting in business development, purchasing, branding, profitability, information gathering, registration for services and more.

Triosoft specializes in the development of complex applications requiring innovative and advanced technologies including parameters such as the presentation of vital signs,
medical equipment, wearable technology, laboratories, and other supervision areas. The technology is meticulously chosen for each client based on the nature of application usage, the target audience, the client’s demands, budget, type of use and more. The development options are many, from technologies such as Native, Windows, Android, and iOS to cross-platform technologies such as Xamarin or hybrid technologies such as ionic that make it possible to reduce development time and budgets.

Our work process:
Introductory meeting – at this stage we hold an introductory meeting to understand the concept. During the meeting, we go down to the lower resolutions to fit the technology and continue development.

Specification – professional specification makes it possible for us to test the application structure in an applicable form. We compare this stage to the architect sketch before construction of the project.

Design and User experience – application design touches upon the worlds of UI/UX enabling a comfortable, friendly user experience as well as a design characteristic of the company branding.

Development – after approval of the above, the data is transferred to the skilled company developers who begin the development process, both server and customer sides. Development takes place according to the Specification, implemented precisely and professionally.

Testing – following the development, we conduct QA testing, bug repairs and other improvements as necessary. Afterward, we upload the application to the App store and provide support and maintenance services.

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