A state of the art system begins with professional analysis and specification. We love challenges and turn technological ideas into reality.

Triosoft specializes in the development of complex software systems for companies, organizations, entrepreneurs and startup companies. We provide solutions based on state of the art technologies suited to the nature of the project, target audience, budget, and organizational demands. All software and management systems are constructed according to the needs of the client, based on the most innovative technologies with an emphasis on architecture, design, and user experience (UI/UX).

The company development team provides creative solutions, and know how to turn any idea or need into the solution most precisely suited to the client. The company

Our experts specialize in IoT, IT systems, processes management, medical systems, CRM, supervision and control systems, e-Commerce shops, forex, and more. The company makes use of Microsoft tools, in a .NET environment, and other tools and technologies such as PHP, C++, JAVA, and others.

The company expertise in software development:

  • Specification, planning, and development of systems for organizations and companies.
  • Development of financial, logistic and commerce systems.
  • Development and implementation of CRM and ERP systems in organizations and companies.
  • Development of advanced BI systems.

Additionally, the company works according to a unique work methodology targeted at the professional management of the project, maintaining the schedule and implementation improvement .In complex projects demanding designated developments, the company recruits developers with specific expertise in order to achieve professional development and the highest quality of results. All development processes are implemented according to the highest security standards to prevent break-ins and invasion of privacy.

The technologies used by the company in software development:

  • .NET
  • .NET Core
  • Amazon AWS
  • Angular
  • React

We know how to deal with challenges that allow companies and organizations to advance to the front of technology, while maintaining schedule, at the request quality standard and according to the preset budget. We believe every system is doable!

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