Application Moodo

The Agan Aroma Company has been a leader in producing quality ingredients for the F&F industry for over thirty-five years.
The company has created an innovative product that has a smart way to produce scent by controlling ventilators located under scent capsules.
The device is controlled using mobile application created by Triosoft through IoT server. The company came to us for our expertise in integration with smart devices.
The system is part of a smart home eco systems.
The product enables the user to act as a scent DJ that mixes and creates new smells according to his preferences.

Application Moodo

The application addresses wide range of end users therefore the UI was created simple and intuitive.
Even the complex processes as connecting the device to home WiFi network supposed to be simple for every day user.
The project was to reflect the box state, create the scent it emits, schedule it on weekly basis, determine the scents family, and enable the customer to mix scents and to save favorite scent for later use.
The mobile application were developed using native Android and iOS

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