Application 10Wave

10wave is a unique social platform for real estate. The entrepreneurs set their purpose in life is to create a more efficient and more accessible real-estate market that everyone can profit from. 10wave relied on Triosoft for system requirements definitions for UI/UX, business and technical processes and the actual development work. Social network elements are in the center of this idea. This brings a whole new level of complexity to the project. As part of the architecture decisions, we’ve chosen a robust graph-oriented database NEO4J.

Application 10Wave

This abled us to simplify the development, add robustness to the project and save time and money for the customer. The system is divided into 3 mains modules, the user portal, Backoffice, and APIs. All the portals are responsive and adjusted to work on PCs, tablets, and smartphones. The development was based on core 2.0 backed up by 2 databases, PostgreSQL and NEO4J. The CMS part of the system was integrated into WordPress.

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