Application DigiSign

MuxLab is a leading designer and manufacturer of connectivity and distribution solutions for commercial and residential installations of all sizes. The project was to develop a Digital Signage Content Management System (CMS). The system gives the client a solution to display flights in Airports, menus in restaurants or for any other business type that wishes to use digital signage to promote his products. The system can build the playlists using images, video and audio files, schedule the playlists on weekly basis, place promotion text, and distribution of screen according to desired areas.

Application DigiSign

The challenge in the project was to find a proper solution to able the same base code to run on three different platforms (Windows, Android, iOS), the other requirement was that the system should be extremely user-friendly. The studio is operable on PCs, Tablets, iPads, and smartphones. The solution was developed in IONIC technology combined with electron technology. The two technologies combined enabled a comprehensive and cross-platform solution that resulting in reducing costs and development time.

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