Application uManage

uManage by Netafim – IoT in agriculture

Netafim is the leader in the drip irrigation technology and provides state of the art solutions for increasing yield with optimal water saving. For Netafim we developed the uManage, a unique designated, SAAS multi-disciplinary system for the company that provides farmers and agronomists with the tools for smart irrigation in open fields and greenhouses.

Application uManage

The dripping irrigation process is a carefully monitored one. The monitoring process considers data received from sensors and irrigation controllers. The goal is to achieve minimum water usage and maximize crop. Due to these demands, we made use of technology that includes servers, applications, web interfaces and integration with irrigation controllers and monitoring systems with thousands of sensors. In addition, we developed a system for information gathering, reporting and data analysis to achieve maximal precision. The system also enables the presentation of the data in graphs in real time with the option of viewing the history, controlling the hardware and an option for remote specification changes. The system was developed using .NET, and native Android and iOS mobile applications

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